Midlife Crisis and Menopause Crisis

Please enjoy my blog and article on Midlife Crisis and Menopause Crisis, it dovetails with the article below and comes from my Mind Plumbing face book page. What is Midlife Crisis and Menopause Crisis and does everyone go through it or not?

Midlife Crisis seems to be deeply imbedded into many psyches at the moment with a struggle at apidemic proportions. It is because of our society and consciousness raising the bar? I feel that we can answer these questions more easily if we are able to look at the changes that humanity has made over the last 3o years.

Our Society and evolution has changed so much with the internet, technology, phones, materialism, and social centralism being at a all time high. As a society we are paying the price of learning and shifting with higher consciousness or being given lessons to help us shift regardless.

Some people cruise through this process easier because of the paced lesson learning through life and others seem to get a full on learning lesson backed up with guaranteed symptoms of anxiety and depression to just name a few effects of the cause.

Menopause Crisis can set many women in a place struggling for acceptance as we age. “Why,” because of the high price in society we pay to be young, beautiful and forever youthful, wisdom seems to fly in the pants of only the young in western society. Although we seem to have the tools and many alternative medicines to help now in the process.

Our beauty is not seen beyond that of the deeper layer, only from the outer layer of what people can see. To a women this is a time of great change. However without awareness, support and understanding it can be a time of great unrest and upheaval.

Emotionally it can take a tole on many women who only want to be understood at a time in her life that has come around very quickly. It is also noted that Menopause can also trigger Midlife Crisis too, which can be only a few steps behind her partner.

What a awful thought for most people although again with teaching and understanding this can be a great time to grow and develop the relationship at a even deeper more loving level 3 growth of love I believe. Which is acceptance without expectations of giving to give to each other.

We have changed on so many different levels. Time has quickened up and there is so much more demand for us to perform and become high achievers in life. There is much competition to have and to be like others, that this alone puts so much more pressures on people. Many of the people I serve as a Coach seem lost to idea that life has to be struggle. Indeed this is not the case, if the right and correct information and teaching is received.

It is like any drama in life what we focus on comes about and with much more aggressive stance if we continue to feed the weeds of thought with a hefty fertiliser of negative false assumptions. We will have a garden of the mind full of well developed weeds thriving amongst the flowers and strangling them to death.

I tend to see many people in a state of identity crisis which is one of the main components of Midlife Change. We seem to be missing the joy and pleasure of enjoying life.

Our mental faculties have been pushed to the limit and we are struggling with evolution of change at this time in our life. It is meant to be a reflection of the good old days, however it is also a creation of what we can now manifest with our wisdom in a new growth and understanding of life.

Having a new identity allows and opens up amazing new avenues to try many different hats on so to speak to find the one that fits the best. We must live in the now component of life if we want that change to grow and become a mighty reflection of a life we desire to have. My heart goes out for those in the Midlife Crisis as they do not seem to know or understand that it is about Transformation of the lessons unlearned.

It seems instead of Transformation of the mind it is being lead way of track for a devouring of the Spirits lack awareness and understanding.

Once caught in the downward spiral it seems impossible for the recipient to render themselves free of the burdens burning away at acceptance of change. One of the main sad facts of this so called Crisis is that family members suffer so much within this cycle.

This leaves families broken and unable to pick up the pieces of this unfortunate situation.

Yet if they only had the knowledge on how to deal with it and the perseverance needed it would save many broken hearts indeed………

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