Midlife Crisis/Transformation

What is Midlife Crisis really? And do we fully understand this concept in life that so many people are going through between 35 to 70. There seems to be an epidemic of chaos out there in the human community at the moment with people struggling with the change.

Midlife Crisis has been described to me as a Earthquake of the Soul as a relationship Coach. What this means is that the lessons and learning’s you have come into grow and develop through are not met you will meet at a midway point in your life when they will be brought to the surface to grow through.

The main process of thought surrounding this though is that it is a major identity transformation is happening and note I said a major identity transformation and not crisis. The crisis only continues when you are in denial and cannot understand what the Spirit is going through.

Take heed as the personality is in for a ride, yet it does not have to be painful at all it can be a time of great transformation and learning to accept change that is inevitable. Learning and growing through this transformation can be the most uplifting and gracious time of your life.

Both men and women will go through varying stages and differently because we are wired different.

Yet know that you are not alone and help is available. I am writing this post as so many people are suffering. Yet once information is gathered and understood you can feel very supported and understood, and with time and nurturing you can fully be in acceptance of your new identity. Shedding the old identity can feel like a painful process to the Soul.

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