The Wisdom of the Tao

There are many paths to Self-awakening. Although whatever path you take, it is good to choose consciously to awaken. The path I choose this year was Tao for greater learning and understanding. It was to bring me closer to the understanding how just the simple concept of acceptance could enter my life and help me to just be, instead of living a life in conflict and confusion.

As I delved into the daily lessons of acceptance of what is, I have found a calm come into my life even in times of storms. This does not mean that I get this process correct each time, rather I am understanding that it is perseverance and learning at a higher level of understanding and are able to use forgiveness far more without conflict of the mind entering yet rather being in the heart space far more now in a world that can bee seen in chaos yet not in my world.

I have seen hugh changes in my life thus far, this is why I wanted to share this great resurrection of my truth. Of course your truth maybe something far more or less yet it works for you regardless what philosophy you follow.

Tao is a philosophy spawned in ancient China and attributed to the sage, Lao-Tse. “The Tao” prefer not to be called a philosophy or religion. It is simply referred to as “the way.” I love this because it comes without strings attached to it. The ‘way’ meaning to me is what weight I choose to provide for this concept, which also means I do not need to impound it on anyone else just follow the concepts and watch my life change.

It is like any system do we really need a Guru or a Mentor of is it just as amazing to have your own understanding. Who knows yet from this ‘way’ I have received the greatest learning in acceptance and letting go of expectations, the two main concepts and truths that are learnt through Tao.

Actually in truth I am still learning and practising and will be until the day I leave here. This is what I love about this Tao Te Ching it is and only will be a practice with no end in sight, it is the journey not the destination and the joyful process of acceptance of that journey along the way.

The Tao, teaches the wu wei, action through inaction, effortless action which basically means finesse instead of force. Go with the flow. From the perspective of a new world view, there are no ‘accidents,’ in the Universe. If you take the expectations out what you believe through false assumptions you will find a life built on the excitement of what might be around the next corner.

There are many different forms of Tao, however you will find the one that fits and suits you if you so choose to follow something so beautiful and simple….. Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts today.

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